We have several options that allow Montessori Preschool children to celebrate their birthday at school during school hours. 

Step 1: Schedule a Birthday

Contact your campus between 9 AM -2 PM – or email us at – and our birthday coordinator will reach out to confirm a date and logistics.

Our school hosts one birthday per day. Birthdays must be scheduled two weeks in advance.  Birthdays are organized on T, W, or TH in class.

Step 2: Choose a Celebration

Complimentary and arranged by schoolMontessori Birthday Ceremony

Birthdays in the Montessori classroom celebrate a child’s growth since birth. We conduct a special ceremony to introduce the concepts of time (i.e. year, month, and day) and space (i.e. the earth, its orbit, and the sun). During the ceremony, a model of the sun is placed in the middle of the room, and your child will hold the earth. They walk around the sun once for every year of their life, as we share stories of major milestones.

Parents are invited to join the ceremony in person. We recommend bringing a poster with photographs to complement the ceremony as we share stories and learn about the child’s growth over time.
Arranged by ParentsPizza Lunch 

Parents can order pizza for their child’s class.

Parents are responsible for coordinating logistics and payment with a pizza vendor of their choice. Parents are also responsible for plates, cups, napkins, and any additional serving utensils.

Pizza parties must be confirmed with the school at least two weeks in advance. The school will help notify other families. Parents are welcome to join. Pizza parties are only done on T, W, or Th.  Pizza parties are not done on M or F.  Please see dessert options below.
$1.00 per child and arranged by schoolCupcakes 

Your child will make cupcakes for their classmates in school, practicing practical life skills like pouring, spooning, and mixing as well as social graces with their classmates. The cost is $1 per child. Payment can be completed via Zelle or check.

The school does not allow desserts from external vendors.

Please ask us about other dessert options. We welcome ideas on alternative sweet treats, like fruit or non-dairy desserts.
Arranged by ParentsGoody Bags

Parents are welcome to bring goody bags for their child’s class. Parents are responsible for coordinating and compiling the goody bags. The school helps distribute goody bags.