Health & Safety

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Montessori Preschool has made several changes in its operations to ensure the safety of children, staff, and our families. We piloted several procedures – without incident – over a three month period in the summer to refine our protocols, incorporating best practice from CDC guidelines and Texas Health and Human Services.

This includes:

    • Temperature checks upon arrival. Children, Montessori Guides, and School Administrators complete a temperature check before entering the classrooms. Parents complete a temperature check at the school entrance, but they are not permitted in classrooms at this time.
    • Our Health and Safety policy ensures our entire school community – teachers and parents – are committed to common health and safety principles. We embrace a common principle that no matter where a member of our school community goes, we carry all children, teachers, and their families with us.
    • Each classroom has its own A/C unit, so air is not circulated from one room to another.
    • Teachers are on actively sanitizing materials, shelves, and other frequently-touched surfaces.
    • Our schools are equipped with large outdoor spaces and/or covered patios to bring learning outside, maximize social distancing, and circulate fresh air for classroom ventilation.
    • All adults on campus are required to use a face covering. Our children and families understand that a child’s face covering is their personal responsibility.

We have learned that the success of precautionary measures depends on the commitment of a close-knit parent and teacher community.  We are grateful to have a community that takes the pandemic and its precautions seriously and value early education. Our school administration remains agile and can adjust operations quickly as the public health situation evolves.