Montessori@Home is our collection of Montessori resources. Check out our online videos lessons and list of resources.

Our digital activities complement the work in our school. Some children may not need an adult, and they can do the activities independently. Parents should use their judgment to determine what is right for your child. With a little creativity, activities can be modified to suit your child’s age, ability, and interests.

In the Montessori classroom, we encourage our children to demonstrate concentration and independence. You can help support these ground rules:

  • Set up a structured schedule to complete these activities
  • Do not complete the work for the child. Allow the child to make mistakes. Offer helpful guidance to direct the child to the right answer when asked.
  • Always complete an activity before moving to the next one. You can also say: “We can pause now but we must finish before we go outside to play.”
  • Encourage chores at home that may be interesting, such as unloading the dishwasher,
    raking leaves, or wiping the dining table.
  • Do not force academic learning. Find ways to make learning joyful, such as:
    “How many cups of flour do we need to make bread today?” “Before we join Netflix, we need to type your name. How do we spell it?” “What color did Elsa wear inside her castle?”

There should never be a distinction between learning and fun. Learning is fun. And with the right attitude and persistence, learning will be lifelong.