Virtual Pajama Party

Welcome to our Virtual Pajama Party! While we can’t be with you to have fun in silly pajamas, we want you to have fun at home with your loved ones. Enjoy the cookies we’re sending home, wear your favorite pajamas, and click a video you would like to watch.

You can learn to sing-a-long to a favorite Christmas song, make some yummy Peppermint Bark, or listen to Clifford’s first -ever snow day.

For parents who do not have screen time at home, we recommend using the videos to inspire ideas for making a snack or craft with your children. You can also use the audio from the stories to inspire a listening exercise for older children. Ask questions like: What happened first?; What did [insert name of character] do?; or What was your favorite part of the story?

Ms. Elva, Copperfield

Listen to one of Ms. Elva’s favorite night time stories – Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming.

Ms. Celia, Copperfield

Ms. Celia makes a Gingerbread Man out of construction paper. You will need construction paper, scissors, and crafts items for decorating (pens, glitter, sequins, buttons, or whatever you may have at home). Parental supervision may be required.

Ms. Jennifer, Copperfield

Ms. Jennifer makes some yummy peppermint bark – her family’s favorite holiday treat. You will need two kinds of favorite chocolate, microwave-safe dishes, a spoon, a lined cookie sheet or freezer-safe tray, and crushed peppermint (or another topping of your choosing). Parental supervision may be required.

Ms. Randa, North Cypress

Ms. Randa describes a snowman. This video is ideal for younger children. We recommend using a toy snowman or teddy bear to make the activity interactive at home.