Hello! We look forward to seeing you this summer.

We’ll learn something new every week, make crafts, sing songs, read stories, and play outside. We will continue our regular Montessori work as well.

Join us for a week (or several!). Design a schedule that fits your vacation plans.

We also have camps in engineering, global leadership, chess, and soccer. Separate fees may apply.

🌞 LET THE SUN SHINE   June 4-8

The sun’ll come out!  Tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar, that tomorrow, there’ll be sun! This camp will focus on our sun, the star that provides warmth and that much-needed Vitamin D.

⚗️ KITCHEN CHEMISTRY 1   June 11-15

Are you ready to make some delicious goodies?  We’ll make yummy cakes and more to see what happens when we mix ingredients together!

☁️ WACKY WEATHER   June 18-22

Become your own meteorologist as we explore why weather works. How does a Tornado form? What is hail? How does the weatherperson predict the weather?

🎨 COLORS, INKS, AND ART   June 25-29

Children will make their own natural dyes and paint their summer away in this fun art camp that blends the wonders of science with the creative visual arts.


No camp on Wednesday July 4
We’ll play under the big top with clowns, fun animals, and more!  We’ll be the ringmaster of our own Circus performance while learning to work as a team.


Children will explore the wonders of the earth, learning about land and water, the seasons, and more.  We’ll also learn about recycling, doing crafts that turn one’s trash into treasure.

⚗️ KITCHEN CHEMISTRY 2   July 16-20

We’ll continue our journey in the kitchen and make more delicious treats!

🐮 COW A BUNGA DUDE!   July 23 – 27

Did you know milk comes from an animal (and not the grocery store)> We’ll track milk’s journey from the farm to the store. We’ll even churn butter! Splash Day is Friday July 27.


Summer camps are available for enrolled and incoming Montessori Preschool students and Montessori Preschool alumni. Normal tuition rates and $40 Material Fee apply.

Additional hours are $5/hour with prior notice. Fun Friday lunches are $5. Students may opt to enroll in summer camp (8:30 – 11:30 AM) for $160 per week.

Students can also join Soccer and Chess summer camps. These are offered by external partners. Separate fees may apply.

School resumes Wednesday August 1.