Zoom Sessions

How to Join a Zoom Session

STEP 1: Sign Up for a Zoom Account on your laptop or mobile device.

Our meeting ID is 441 464 9730

Session Schedule 

  • Friday April 3 // 10:00 AM

Mind your Manners with Mr. Kevin

We’ll learn about good manners and social graces through three storybooks.  Do you share with your friends? What special words should we use to demonstrate politeness and grace? This session is ideal for children ages 18 months – 6 years.


  • Saturday April 4 // 5:30 PM

Caring for Your Pet

Bring your pet and join the fun!  What does your pet eat?  What does your pet drink? Do you brush your pet’s hair? We’ll learn about how to care for your pet, and we’d love to see your pet too.


  • Thursday April 9 // 10:00 AM

The Seven Continents with Mr. Kevin

We’ll review the names of the seven continents and look at special objects from some of the continents.


  • Friday April 17 // 10:00 AM

Teddy Bear Picnic!

We’ll have a virtual picnic together and play Teddy Bear games. Don’t forget your Teddy Bear and a snack to share!


FAQs & Online Etiquette

  • During the online session, we will observe grace and courtesy to each other and the speaker on camera.  All participants will be muted upon entry. Please keep your devices muted. If you choose to keep your camera on, please be mindful of other families who might see you.
  • We recommend finding a comfortable place at home, where your children can attentively watch the video feed.
  • Only 100 participants can join our session. If we reach the maximum capacity, you may not be able to log in.
  • We are not recording our sessions. A recording will not be available afterwards.
  • At this time, audio is by computer only, and we are working to find alternatives. Please be sure your tablet or laptop has speakers.