Leadership for Kids

Leadership for Kids is a weekly summer camp for young minds ages 5 – 10. 

These camps equip children with skills in critical thinking, collaboration, teamwork, and persuasion in order to change the world. These camps are ideal for young leaders who want to learn how to demonstrate initiative, share bold opinions, and work with others effectively.

During the week, based on our weekly theme, children will complete leadership exercises; select a topic and explore it in depth; identify an area where they could take action; and invent an awesome solution to share with others.

Students will explore leadership in the context of modern day global issues, including the environment, education, and housing. On Fridays, children will share their work with peers, parents, and teachers.

The camps are designed for the child in mind. We believe leadership is best developed at an early age, where children learn to manage their emotions, collaborate effectively, and inspire their peers.

Past camps have explored global education and public housing. Check out a project from last year’s 2017 camp:


In collaboration with Budding Engineers
9 AM – 4 PM
Best Brains Cypress
$300 + $20 material fee


This camp is designed for children with an interest in health and medicine.

In the morning, with Leadership for Kids, we’ll examine how diseases spread around the world and how young people take action. Through experiments and writing activities, we’ll understand the science behind the spread of disease and how it affects people worldwide. Children will explore the stories of young people making a difference around the world. Through art activities and storytelling, campers will channel their energy towards understanding a complex problem, which they will address with an engineering solution in the afternoon. Basic lessons in biology, math, and zoology (as applicable to children) are included.

In the afternoon, with Budding Engineers, campers will explore how biomedical innovation can make a difference in medical care. They’ll learn to the engineering design process and invent their own creative solution. The camp ends with a project showcase demonstrating the child’s knowledge of a public health challenge, an engineered solution, and its social impact.


Source US Army Africa


In collaboration with Budding Engineers
9 AM – 4 PM
Montessori Preschool at Copperfield
$300 + $20 Material Fee


This camp is designed for children with an interest in the natural environment.

In the morning, with Budding Engineers, children will explore the engineering design process and apply their knowledge of climate change to inventive solutions. The week ends with a project showcase demonstrating their learning to friends and family.

In the afternoon, with Leadership for Kids, children start the week exploring the fundamentals of geography. We’ll understand land formations, the water cycle, and how geography shapes life on earth. We’ll also explore the impact of climate change from flooding to the greenhouse effect to pollution to desertification. Basic lessons in physics, chemistry, botany, and zoology (as applicable to children) will also be included.



We understand that sometimes situations arise which require you to change plans, and we are happy to apply your tuition to another 2018 Summer Camp.  Unfortunately, we cannot refund tuition for being absent in any enrolled class.


The camps are full-day for one week. The cost is $300 + $20 Material Fee.


The camp is taught by Kevin Kalra, Ed.M., Harvard University. Formerly with the United Nations, Kevin is a graduate of Montessori schools and proud CFISD graduate.  He served as Lead Consultant on The Smartest Investment, a joint initiative by UNESCO, UNICEF, the UN Global Compact, and the UN Special Envoy for Global Education. Kevin also chairs the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Houston Hub. In 2004, Houston Mayor Bill White declared March 30 as Kevin Kalra Day for his work in sustainability.