5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

person walking between green forest trees

Earth Day is a moment to reflect on the impact that we have on our planet. The day is also an opportunity to explore how we can reverse adverse damage on planet earth - and choose a way of life that is sustainable and protective of our limited resources. With these fun activities, we can begin to share important lessons on sustainability and shape eco-friendly behaviors at an early age.

Launching our 25th Anniversary Celebration!

Montessori Preschool - a boutique network of schools serving children ages 6 weeks to 6 years - is pleased to launch its 25th Anniversary celebrations by awarding its 25th Anniversary Scholarship of $1,000 to one of its employees, Ms. Hashindri Silva, an early educator and aspiring artist who is pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston.

How Montessori Preschool is Responding to COVID-19

Our school was recently profiled by EdChoice on our response to COVID-19. We developed an online platform called Montessori@Home, which includes live Zoom sessions, pre-recorded videos, and access to curated digital resources to support early learning at home at a child's own pace. Although we rarely support passive screen time for young children, we've learned …