Why Choose Us?

😊 We Have fun!

In our school, learning is social and active. Children organize fun events to celebrate holidays and festivals. Children collaborate with each other or work independently, developing critical social skills for elementary school and life.

🍎 Montessori Teacher owned-and-operated

The schools are owned-and-operated by an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Montessori teacher. AMI was founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori to maintain the integrity of her life’s work. Montessori teachers are in leadership roles – so learning (not profit) is always first.

🔤 An early education for life

We believe children have unlimited potential – and there’s no better time to educate children than in the early years. Through the Montessori Method, our children not only learn to read, write, and do math and science, but also, more importantly, they learn to socialize, be independent, and concentrate. Our alumni and their experiences are the best reflection of our school.

🌎 a global outlook

In the 21st century, children will interact with people from across the globe. We use current events, cultural festivals, and our International Doll of the Month speaker series to spark conversations on culture and geography, and we celebrate the diverse heritage of our community.

🧒🏽personal attention

Our teacher-student ratios are intentionally low to maximize personalized instruction and improve learning outcomes.

🌳 Room to Play

Our campuses have a large playground, with shady trees, for children to learn and play outdoors. We also have covered outdoor spaces for picnics and story time. Our spacious, sun-filled classrooms have attached bathrooms, so children can safely remain in the classrooms.

🔬 STEM Everyday

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education is integrated in our classes everyday. STEM is a part of your child’s all-day routine – not just part of a specialized curriculum or a separate room.

🇺🇸 Local schools for local families

We are not a corporate-owned school nor a franchise. Our schools were started in the early 90’s by a family of educators in Houston, Texas. We believe in the effectiveness of small, local family-run schools and personal service.

❤️ Family First

Learning is best when families are involved, and we build lifelong relationships with our parents. Through our engagement programs, parents actively contribute to school activities and events and play leadership roles on our campuses on a way that works for their schedule, at their pace. 

🏫 Kindergarten Ready

Our students do well in elementary school and beyond. Our students typically transition into Gifted and Talented programs and others skip grades. Many exceed state standards in reading and math. Several alumni also successfully compete to earn admission to private schools across Houston and around the world.