Election Day 2012

It’s an election year and the country was voting for its new President! Prior to election day, we talked about what was going on in the country and how a new President will be elected.

To simplify the experience for students to understand, we asked students to select their favorite color: green or yellow?

We conducted a mock election to show kids how the process of voting works.   We made mock ballots for each student to fill out on election day. We created two mock-voting booth in the classroom where our toddlers and primary kids can go privately to fill out their forms. When they’re done, they dropped the ballots in a secure box. When the votes were all cast, two teachers counted the votes and the results were written on the board for all the kids to see the winning color.  Children were taught that it was important to follow directions when casting ones ballot and if there are scribbles or and anything written on the ballot it would be considered a “disqualified vote.”