Starting Early on Fire Safety

October is Fire Safety Month, and our local Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department visited Montessori Preschool @ Copperfield to speak with our students about fire safety and preparedness.

Fire safety starts an early age.  It’s never too late to speak with your child about fire safety and introduce her to family meeting points, escape routes, and emergency phone numbers.  Below are five tips we learned to help parents improve fire safety at home:

1. Identify a meeting point and share it with your child.  A meeting point is a local landmark where your family can congregate in case of an emergency. Choose a location that can be easily found and is familiar to your child.  Show them the location in person and on a map.

2. Stop, Drop, and Roll.  Always remember to cover your face, stop, drop and roll if your clothes catch on fire.  Act it out with your child, like in the video below:


3. Explore Fire Safety. Sometimes, a fireman’s gear and special clothing can look scary to a child. Let your child see photos and videos of a fireman, so they can be familiar with a fireman’s gear. Complement your lesson with a visit to the local fire department, and encourage your child to use sight and touch to describe a fireman’s gear. Also, let your child listen to the sound of the Fire Alarm and instruct them what to do if they hear it.




4. Put away the matches and lighters.  Encourage your child to report matches or lighters to an adult or teacher.

5. Fire safety is not just limited to October. Fire safety and prevention is a year-round lesson. Remind your child about what they’ve learned throughout the year.

Be sure to contact your local fire department to learn more.  Also, visit our amazing Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department on Facebook and Twitter feeds for key updates.

Check out photos from the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department Visit: