Involve your Child in Super Bowl Fun!

We’re gearing up for Super Bowl LI, and families are preparing Super Bowl parties at home. There are many ways to engage your child in the preparations. Children could choose décor, prepare simple appetizers, and welcome guests as a host. Inviting children to participate in party planning builds confidence, enables independence and socialization, and hones fine motor skills. Your children become a valuable contributor to the party.

Here are our favorite 3 Super Bowl activities to do with your child (and still have a totally cute party table):

Idea #1: Football Treats

Check out these treats from Nerdy Nummies with Rosanna Pansino. Follow Rosanna’s step-by-step video tutorial to make football field cookies, fudge football brownies, and penalty flags – simple treats to make with your child.

Invite your child: After washing their hands, invite your child to help identify, measure, pour, and mix the ingredients. Your child could help roll the cookie dough, use cookie cutters, and decorate the treats. If they’re capable and have steady control, let them place the cookie sheet in the oven with oven-safe mitts.  When the treats cool, your child could place the items on a dish they selected and place it on your treat table or serve it to your guests.

Idea #2: Super Bowl Salad

A traditional garden salad is always a good side dish for for your entrees during the game. This is a simple dish that children can make for all guests to enjoy. This also works great with a fruit salad.

Invite your child: Let your child wash their hands. Your child could help select a serving dish and utensils. Invite an older child – who may have used a child-safety knife before – to safely cut cucumbers or carrots.  Fruits that are soft – like a banana – are easier to cut with a knife -and more suitable for younger children. A younger child with less control could also help tear pieces of lettuce for the salad. Allow your child to toss the salad using the salad utensils. It may get messy – but that’s ok!  Let your child carry the salad bowl and place it on your food table in a way they like.

Idea  #3: Garlands Galore

No party is complete without fun décor. Make a garland together to hang up for your guests. Garlands that require stringing or threading is a fun challenge for younger children.

Invite your child: A popcorn garland is a simple décor item using readily-available materials at home. Use a needle, some thread, freshly-made popcorn and colorful beads.  First, demonstrate how to thread the popcorn and beads and show a consistent (and creative!) pattern.  Invite your child to follow the same process. You could also string together paper footballs (with holes punched out for easy threading), colorful straws, or Patriot/Falcon team logos. Hang the garland in a visible area for your guests and children to admire.

The Super Bowl is a fun time for family and friends, and your children can be contributors for a party. They can learn some valuable skills along the way and more importantly, spend some quality time with you.

Photo US Department of Agriculture