One Student at a Time

Education, although a local issue, affects both economic and political issues nationally and globally. Harvard Graduate School of Education Ford Foundation Professor of Practice Professor Fernando Reimers recently released the book One Student at a Time: Leading the Global Education Movement, which profiles 60 global education leaders and their journeys in education, including our Director of Innovation and Global Strategy Mr. Kevin Kalra.

The book discusses how best to improve the world through education and summarizes professional challenges faced by leaders from around the world in improving education quality. The book also shares ten lessons to engender change in education globally including leading ethically and collaborating across sectors.

On writing the book, Professor Reimers said, “I am persuaded that the global expansion of the opportunity to be educated, which has taken place since education was included as a universal human right seventy years ago, is a remarkable achievement which constructed a shared experience for humanity. This shared experience is rooted in the aspiration to expand freedom and equality, the tenets of a global project that gave rise to democracy, public education and the modern university.”

Kevin’s chapter discusses his journey into Montessori education – and his work in publishing the UN’s first guide on business engagement in education. Formerly working with companies engaged with the United Nations on education, Kevin advised global CEOs and their philanthropic leadership on social investments in girls’ education and refugee education – all issues directly affecting US programs and investments.

Arne Duncan, former US Secretary of Education said, “This is a highly valuable read and useful study of the challenges and opportunities that those advancing education for all around the globe face. A must read for all education leaders interested in freedom and justice.”

Wendy Kopp, CEO and co-founder of Teach for All, said: “This book is a testament to the power of intentional efforts to cultivate educational leadership — leadership with the values, mindsets, skills, and understandings to effect transformation, leadership that is both locally rooted and globally informed…”

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