Our Face Mask Song!

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Effective Monday April 27, 2020, 4.7 million residents in Harris County, Texas, USA are required to wear Face Masks for the next 30 days. This applies to all people ages 10 and up.

As Early Educators with over a century of collective experience, we have learned that new changes create uncertainty and anxiety amongst young children. This is especially true when they see loved ones in a mask. We wanted to share some complimentary resources to support Harris County families and help our youngest residents cope with these changes.


The Face Mask Song

We created a children’s song to help explain why we wear masks. Feel free to create a melody that is best. We used the tune of “Here We Go Around the Mulberry Bush

We are wear-ing masks today. Masks today, masks today. We are wear-ing masks today. And that is great!

There are many kinds of masks. Kinds of masks, kinds of masks. There are many kinds of masks. And that is great!

We put the mask over our ears. Over our ears, over our ears. We put the masks over our ears. And that is great!

We wear our mask to help our friends. Help our friends, help our friends. We wear our mask to help our friends. And that is great!

Parts of a Mask: A Lesson

You will need one mask (any kind will do).

Before you put on a mask, do a simple lesson to allow the child to explore the mask in a methodical way.

Step 1: Allow your child to touch a mask. Show them the front of the mask (and allow them to touch the front of the mask). As you say the word “front,” point to it.

Step 2: Show them the back of the mask (and allow them to touch the back of the mask). As you say the word “back,” point to it.

Step 3: Show them the elastic pulls (if the mask has them). Allow them to gently stretch the elastic. As you say the word “elastic,” point to it.

Step 4: Explain the purpose of the mask. One suggestion is to explain that the mask can help others. The mask is not only about you as an individual, but the safety of others, including our loved ones and wider community.

Step 5: Explain there are different kinds of masks.  There are different shapes, colors, and textures.

Step 6: For safety reasons, you may like to establish boundaries on when and how to wear a mask. For example, parents may like to say: “Only wear a mask when mommy gives you a mask.” Our local county recommends masks only for people ages 10+ years.

Show your Support for Essential Workers

  • Check out this complimentary coloring sheet for fun face mask coloring sheet from coloring.ws.
  • Thank Essential Workers and Military Personnel for their service with these free fun sheets from Fun365. Try creating posters for your home windows.
  • Try adding blue light to be part of the Light it Blue Campaign to show global support for all workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

Additional details on talking to children about COVID-19 can be found the CDC website.


This is not a political post. This is designed for families who have chosen to comply with Harris County orders at this time and seek a way to support their children. 

Cover Image by Pexels.com (If you have access to a vehicle and internet, we recommend following CDC guidelines for grocery shopping.  If those resources are not available, please wear the correct PPE to ensure safety per CDC guidelines.)

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