How to Have a Montessori-Inspired Thanksgiving

At the core of a Montessori education is your child’s ability to participate in everyday life with confidence. Holidays provide families with valuable opportunities to put these concepts into practice. By creating a fun holiday routine that gives your children meaningful ways to participate, you will be able to learn and grow together as a family. Here are five simple ways to celebrate this Thanksgiving the Montessori way!

  1. Plan Ahead for Success

Incorporating Montessori activities in your everyday life can take some serious planning. Schedule some time to sit down together as a family and make a practical plan that you can stick to. Talk with your children and find out the things they may be excited about and make sure your family plan reflects that. Remember, even though it’s a holiday, sticking to other daily routines is important too. When planning, it’s also important to be flexible to your child’s needs and be adaptable as your day progresses.

  1. Inspire Cooking Confidence

Let’s be honest, for many parents, keeping children out of the kitchen when a meal is being prepared is the path of least resistance. However, Montessori-inspired meals are different. Including your child in the cooking process may be a challenge, but it’s worth it! To make the process go smoothly, try looking for child-friendly recipes, or look for parts of your family favorite dishes that can meet your child’s skill level. Whether it’s helping peel potatoes or adding marshmallows on top of grandma’s sweet potatoes, both you and your child will feel accomplished once the dinner is served.

  1. Ready, Set, Table

Assigning your child table duty is a real cornucopia of learning opportunities. Whether it is counting the cutlery, folding napkins, or writing place cards, you can use setting the table as a chance for your child to practice the skills they are learning at their Montessori school. If you have not already involved your child in setting their own place at the table, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start. Begin by placing the dishes at a level they can reach, and lay out an example place setting they can replicate.


  1. Carve out Some Art Time

Every Montessori-inspired holiday should include a well thought out art project, and Thanksgiving is no different. Whether you want a kid-created centerpiece or just need to keep a child occupied until pie is served, there are endless possibilities when it comes to Thanksgiving-themed art. There is the classic hand-traced turkeys, friendship bracelets, or you can start early and let your kids decorate their own placemat. Your child’s art can also be a great chance to make a thoughtful gift for visiting family members.


  1. Count Your Blessings

Gratitude is an important part of learning social graces in the Montessori classroom. Giving your child an opportunity to recognize what they are thankful for can have a lasting impact. Help them focus on things they appreciate about themselves, their family, and the world around them. Set the example and be open with your children about the things you are grateful for during this day of thanksgiving.

Share Your Thanksgiving Story

Do you and your family try to incorporate Montessori learning opportunities during the Thanksgiving holiday? We would love to hear more about your Thanksgiving traditions. Let us know your story.

Main Photo by Mr. Caleb Rogers

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