The First Day of School

It’s the beginning of the spring semester, and for many new parents, this is the time to find a preschool or day care for your child.

What exactly goes on in a child’s mind when starting school?

The first day of school is challenging for the parent as well as the child.  In most cases, a child  does not want to leave his parents until he becomes familiar with his new classroom, his peers, and his teacher – and this takes time.

When starting school, a child considers so many questions like “What happens if I’m hungry?”, “Where do I use the restroom?”, and “What’s a directress or a teacher?”.   These are important questions, as their answers help a child adapt to the new, stimulating environment of school.

On the first day of school, as you leave your child at the door, explain that you will be back for a hug at the end of the day.  And then do it when you pick him up!  Developing a series of habits for greetings and farewells will enable your child to adjust quickly to a new environment and also assuage any anxiety you feel as a parent.

At Montessori Preschool, children are greeted at the door and parents are encouraged to avoid the display of anxiety to allow the child to go independently to his classroom.  Parents are also encouraged to send a note in their child’s lunch box as a reminder of their love.  Our directresses always make it a point to read the notes to the child who generally want to respond with a note of their own.

We cannot ask children to avoid their feelings but we can always assist them to overcome their anxieties and separation in a positive way.

We believe it is a critical step to promote self-confidence in your child and an important step in a Montessori learning environment.