International Doll of the Month: China

The International Doll of the Month for January 2012 represents China.

Here are some fun family activities to explore Chinese culture:

1) Where are my toys made?

Ask your child to find their favorite clothes and toys and roll out a large map on the floor.  Identify where the toy is made and its corresponding location on the map.  Indeed, majority of US products are manufactured in China.

2) Using Chopsticks

Request a pair of chopsticks during your next visit to a Chinese restaurant.  At home, place three cups on a table and ask your child to stack the cups on top of each other using the pair of chopsticks.

3) Asian Heritage Discovery Tour

Take your child on a tour of Houston’s Chinatown.

Houston is home to many Chinese immigrants and their families, and the Chinese Community Center offers a unique tour to discover various aspects of Chinese culture in the city from delicious Chinese food to large Asian markets.

Tours are weekdays and some Saturdays from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM and start at the Chinese Community Center at 9800 Town Park, Houston, TX 77036.

Reservations are required.  Be sure to call ahead of time at (832) 858-2788.

4) Count in Mandarin

Take a look at the video below to learn numbers in Mandarin: