Packing a Lunch with Montessori Style!

Japanese Bento Box meals are an example of careful planning, showcasing food as a sensorial experience and highlighting the tactile and visual aspects of food.   In our Montessori classroom, a similar approach is followed – work areas are  orderly and accessible, emphasizing color, simplicity, and beauty.

Creating a microwave-friendly, simple, Bento Box-style meal is one of many ideas to help your child make nutritious choices.

Traditionally, the Japanese Bento Box is a lacquered box with compartments for small, stylized portions of nutritious food.  Japanese parents now use Bento Box techniques when preparing school lunches for their children.

Take a look at a traditional Bento Box meal:

Here’s an example of a Bento Box meal for children:

Check out some beautiful examples of Bento Boxes here.

Remember, the container should be microwavable.  Also, non-breakable containers allow the child to carry, hold, and store their containers independently without the aid of an adult.

Feel free to send a little love note as a reminder to your child that you’re thinking of them 🙂

Here’s a tip:  Take a container with small divisions (a divided Tupperware container works great!)  and cut bite size sandwiches into attractive shapes with a mini cookie cutter.  Add some small grapes or bite size fruit and some steamed veggies on the side.

The art of a Bento meal doesn’t have to be complicated – even the busiest of parents can use dinner leftovers to create a delicious, visually-appealing lunch.

Happy eating!