Jazz-y times in the Classroom

Our Fun Friday (October 3, 2014) included a musical performance by Mr. Gary Weldon. Our children had the privilege to listen to the trumpet, flugelhorn and a collection of harmonicas.

Mr. Gary Weldon – known as “Pops” to Mya (one of our kindergarten students) – brought in a trumpet, flugelhorn and a collection of harmonicas to play for the children.  The children were taught the difference between a Composer, a Musician and a Conductor.  He made the children aware that the Trumpet is one of the oldest instruments in the world.

He played Jazz on his trumpet and used the small harmonica to play the Blues, showcasing diverse musical genres in the United States.  He showed the children how the trumpet can play soft and loud sounds and even low and high tones.  He also showed the children how one blows air in and out when playing the trumpet.  Each time Pops played a piece the children applauded.  The day ended with Pops accompanying the children on the trumpet as they sang “Take me out to the ball game”, “Do-re-mi”, “America the Beautiful” and “The Grand Ole Flag.”