28th International Montessori Congress

Our love and best wishes to our friends and colleagues at the 28th International Montessori Congress in Prague, Czech Republic.

The International Montessori Congress is a large-scale educational congress. Ever since Maria Montessori established the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) in 1929,  congresses have taken place regularly to share best practice, discuss new insights, and renew our commitment to Montessori education.  The Congress inspires and encourages growth, development and action on personal, local and global levels.

AMI is the custodian and cultivator of Montessori philosophy and pedagogy, seeking to maintain the integrity of Dr. Maria Montessori’s legacy and increase capacity to serve children around the world.

The goal of the Congress is to raise worldwide awareness and understanding of Montessori
education, as well as to provide a platform for Montessori professionals to connect with one another. Since 1929, only twenty-seven Congresses have taken place around the world. The 2017 Congress will demonstrate that Montessori is an educational approach guided by the natural laws of human development, which enables all human beings to become agents of positive social change. The Congress will inspire a universal effort. Through dialogue, solidarity and collaboration each participant will come away with practical tools to effectively impact their respective social communities.

Text adapted from Association Montessori Interanationale.